Interesting metal product design

Stainless steel is a kind of metal material widely used in production and life. It is also a popular material in industrial design. In the industry, stainless steel is widely used. Today there are more than one hundred kinds of industrial stainless steel. And know how rich the stainless steel design is. Here are some interesting stainless steel product designs which share by our company forcehold .

Interesting stainless steel ice cube design

Whether it’s coffee or cola, you can reduce the temperature to keep it cool by adding ice cubes, but it will sacrifice delicious flavor. This stainless steel ice cube utilizes the easy thermal conductivity of iron materials, which does not affect the taste of the beverage. At the same time provide people with ice or insulation effect



Fun atmosphere of stainless steel playing card design

This beautifully crafted high-quality poker is made of stainless steel, and the pattern is made of acid etching. The heavy hand and metallic luster make them look particularly dazzling on the table.



Unique stainless steel comb design

This comb is durable and combines modern laser cutting technology with traditional manual techniques. The former guarantees the precision of the comb, while the latter makes the comb unique;



Credit card sized stainless steel tool design

TULS is only as big as a credit card, the thickness is equivalent to a coin, made of 304 stainless steel or titanium steel. This set of tools includes STAN combines the functions of a mobile phone holder, a bottle opener, and a headphone spool. LUCY integrates a bottle opener and various The wrench function of the model can be used to tighten screws of various sizes;



Post time: Jan-18-2019