Creative stainless steel zipper style jewelry design

The zipper is widely used in the daily life of the clothing bag, the designer will use the zipper as the theme to create a classic jewelry our company forcehold will introduce this design as below.


The zipper series of accessories are both mechanical and steampunk. They can be worn on the hands. They are very creative, exquisite and beautiful. The zipper is full of dental punk. It is made of high-quality matte stainless steel and two zipper steel teeth. In the meantime, it is a zipper head that is suspended at an equal distance. How fascinated people are in the machine age, because those gears are bitten together to give people and endless energy and dynamics, and there are many ways to play them. We can wear them in our hands. Pulling the zipper head to bring the teeth on both sides together;


Post time: Jan-18-2019